Monday, August 29, 2011

Jeff Mason in "The Adventures at FanExpo!"

FanExpo was this weekend in Toronto, Canada and I was a first time seller in artist's alley this year.  First I want to thank everyone that came by my booth and helped support my artistic endeavors by buying my prints that were for sale.  To everyone that bought "Bunny Sushi" (will be appearing here soon)....thank you very much, I had a great time chatting with all of you. 

The Expo was extended to four days this year which means now that it is over, I am exhausted beyond belief.  I was quite nervous about showing my work to the public in such a setting where they can immediately critique you right in front of your face.  That being said, I had a fun and exciting time all four days, although getting through the last two hours before closing on Sunday was an act of attrition.  I met/talked to a lot of fun people and everyone was really positive and complimentary of my work which really built my confidence.  Although I was slightly unprepared, being my first FanExpo as a vendor, I am really excited to be there again next year so that means getting new art started....NOW.   So look for me at Toronto's FanExpo in 2012.