Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Toilet Paper Kittens

This picture was actually inspired by my boyfriend, Ted Morris', comedy.  He has a joke about cutting out the toilet paper middleman and using kittens instead to be eco-friendly and they are self cleaning.  Granted, I am not the comedian in the family, so the joke is much funnier when he does it.

Digital 8.5"x11"

If you are interested in checking out the comedy stylings of Ted Morris, check out the below link to a video and many more from this fantastic comedian.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Beware the Tooth Fairy

I thought of this and drew it during my first ever Comic Con in Toronto.  I was right out of school, but couldn't quite get it right until I got into doing digital work, then it just turned into exactly what I wanted.  This is another fairy tale the I find somewhat disturbing.  A fairy comes into your room at night and takes any teeth that have fallen out and replaces it with money or gifts.  I'm sorry, but what is stopping her from just ripping the teeth out of people's heads rather than waiting for them to fall out.  Seems like a much more profitable business model.

Digital - 8.5"x11"

The Sandman

This is another idea I re-imagined.  I love the idea of the twisted side of fairy tales and myths.  The idea of someone sprinkling sand into my eyes to get to sleep doesn't really sound like something that would actually make me go to sleep.  Seems like a recipe for feeling like I had sand kicked in my face by a sleep bully.

Digital - 8.5"x11"

Freddy & Jason on a Playdate

This is a re-imagining of a concept I did a long time ago.  I decided it needed a background and a fresh set of colors and line work.   The result is more what I was looking for when I did the first drawing of it.  I always thought Jason & Freddie would be good pals in real life because they have so many things they love in common:  co-eds, sharp objects, murder.  Soulmates.

Digital - 8.5"x11"

Happy Hannukah

Santa's not always welcome in every household during the Christmas season.  There are some boys and girls that find him to be just a burglar and set traps accordingly for his capture and subsequent incarceration for breaking and entering.  Happy Hannukah!

Digital - 8.5"x11"

Batman & Ramen

Nothing Batman likes better than a warm bowl of Ramen.  RAMEN...not Robin, get your mind out of the gutter.  If you have been following my art blog, you know that I have a big love of word play and this is one that I have always wanted to do. I present to you..."Batman & Ramen"!

Digital - 8.5"x11"