Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harry Potter Cats!

Harry Potter Cats

Presenting for your muggle amusement - HARRY POTTER CATS!

Color Pencil on Marker Paper - 11"x14"

Star Wars Cats

I present for your pleasure....STAR WARS CATS.

Why cats?  Why not?!

Color pencil on marker paper - 11"x14"

Beware the House Cats of The Apocalypse!!!

"House Cats of the Apocalypse"
9x12 - Color Pencil on Marker Paper

BEWARE, THE END IT NIGH and their coming shall unleash a great apocalypse upon your household. Your plants will suffer, your food will be eaten, your dogs will be set upon and your favorite shoes will be ruined. They know no mercy in their relentless pursuit of chaos. Beware!

The Power of Christ COMPELS You!

9x12 - Color Pencil on Marker Paper

I had a stint where I was watching a lot of exorcism movies, as well as, the Food Network and during that time I dreamed of this one night. I can figure out the devilled egg and the priest, but why a cat. It seems to be a running theme in my art lately…hmm, but I can’t even own a cat. It’s all so fraught with meaning!

Come To Us You Salty Dawgs!

"Catfish Sirens"
11x14 - Color Pencil on Marker Paper

I have always had a real love for Greek mythology, so I started to place my cats as mythological figures.  This first one is of the siren sisters who sang many a salty dawg to the bottom of the sea. Plug your ears as they sing their sweet melody of love and longing or you could be their next victim.  (If you are wondering what they are singing…think “Ghost”.)

Oh The Humanity...Or Lack There Of!

"9 Deaths of a Cat - Shot"

 "9 Deaths of a Cat - Frozen"

"9 Deaths of a Cat - Electrocuted"

"9 Deaths of a Cat - LTF (Learning to Fly)"


"9 Deaths of a Cat - Run Over"

"9 Deaths of a Cat - Buried Alive"

 "9 Deaths of a Cat - Drowned"

"9 Deaths of a Cat - Poisoned"

"9 Deaths of a Cat - Burned"

All 11x14 - Ink

I always hear about a cat having nine lives, but you never really hear about the nine deaths that go with those nine lives.  Here I wanted to show those deaths, only have them be perpetrated by the angels of its previous lives.  The deaths are those that afflict cats in everyday life, taken to a more nonsensical notion and some are from how people die in the news that plays at my desk for eight hours a day.  Actually, that would explain quite a bit of how ideas pop into my head.  And as I have to tell many people, remember, they are just cartoons. No actual cats were harmed in the making of these drawings.

Whitechapel Night Out

9x12 - Ink

This came to mind while I was at the last Fan Expo comic book convention where I kept overhearing someone go on and on about how she wishes she could have a cat nap.  After an hour of constant droning on about it , which I would have done anything to shut her up, I drew this to silently convey to my friend next to me that this girl should have a better grasp of the saying “Careful what you wish for.”!

Soon to be in color.

Beware the Kingpin!

"Stan Lee - Kingpin"
8x10 - Watercolor

This was a picture I did during art school.  We were supposed to make a caricature of someone and since I was in an art program for comic book illustration, what better person to do than Stan Lee.  Of course, given his past with Marvel and many of its creative staff, I made him into the King Pin.  This was done in watercolor over a 3 hour period.

Single HA...Seeking Threesome.

6x8 - Digital Color

I did this as a semi commission for a standup comedian friend of mine. She was given a plaque with “HA” on it and wanted to collect three different ones to hang on her wall to make “HA HA HA”. This was my vision and everything about it says something about her as a person. The colors I did in a traditional comic book villain colour scheme, not because she is a villain or a bad person, but she is sometimes underestimated and one day she is going to rule the world of comedy.

The Dawg Sled Cometh!

"The Dawg Sled"
8.5x11 - Digital Color

This was a commission for a friend of mine that lives in Seattle, Washington, home of the University of Washington Huskies….GO HUSKIES.  He and his wife are big football tailgaters and bought an old ambulance and turned it into the ultimate tailgating vehicle.  He wanted the ambulance decorated like he had it in some reference pictures and with a husky hanging out the window looking like he was just peeling out.  What you see is my interpretation of what he wanted. He had these printed on shirts, hats and cups.  PARTY ON!