Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Only Have Eyes for YOU!

Well Valentines Day has come and gone, and although my boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valentines (love is for everyday of the year) I decided to draw him a card this year.  This is what I came up with to show how much I love him.  If anyone was wondering, he loved it...LOTS. Yay me.

Drawn and inked, then colored digitally

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitty Christ Has Risen!

"Kitty Christ"
11x17 - Color Pencil on Marker Paper

This was the image for my Christmas card this year.  Now, I am not a religious person, but the thought of Christ as a cat made me laugh.  Why a cat?  Well since "Bunny Sushi", I have slowly migrated to drawing cats in strange situations (I find cats very entertaining and let's face it, easy to draw).  I decided to do something religious oriented because, although like I said before...not religious, but I do like to read and know about all different religions and I think stained glass windows are very cool.  With Kitty Christ, I wanted to do something with a stained glass look and include some funny elements by making plays on Christ's miracles.  All the pictures in the green circle of the "window" are his many miracles...some slightly modified to better fit with a cat based theme (water to milk, loaves and fishes, raising the dead, walking on water...because we all know how much cat's hate water HAHA).  Anyway, enjoy and if you are looking for a print of this, see below.  Thank you.

Print - 11"x17" cardstock - $15 (plus shipping & handling)