Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bunny Sushi

I came up with the idea for this picture very randomly when I was drawing my sushi lunch at work one day.  I started drawing different animals as sushi, but ended with rabbits because they turned out so cute.  I ended up selling prints at the Toronto 2011 FanExpo (Comic Con) and it quickly became my most popular print, as well as, the only print to sell (my other prints were superheroes and everyone does superheroes at a Comic Con).  I was very pleased with the outcome and its popularity with everyone that saw it at the either disturbed people or made them laugh really hard.

If you would like to own your very own print of Bunny Sushi on high quality card stock, just contact me through this blog and delivery can be set up by email.  I will also be offering made to order T-shirts, please email me to discuss.  Prices are as follows:

Print: 11"x17"(actual image size is 10"x13.5")  -  $15 (plus shipping & handling)
T-shirt:  $25 (plus shipping & handling) - email for details